Attack methods

Layer 4 Attack Methods


UDP is a DNS attack which is spoofed using the user datagram protocol, a sessionless/connectionless computer networking protocol. Useful for all sorts of different servers, recommended if asked for anything.


UDP-LAG is the same as UDP but is intended to lag out the target instead of take them offline.


ESSYN abuses the TCP’s three-way handshake, by never responding to the targets confirmation response, making it have to wait indefinitely shutting down the website. This can be used on port 21 (FTP), port 22 (SFTP), port 80 (websites), port 443 (secure websites HTTPS), port 8080 (spare http traffic port).

Layer 7 Attack Methods


RUDY sends never ending post transmissions to take them down (RUDY stands for R-U-Dead-Yet?)


SLOWLORIS is aimed at keeping websites offline by opening so many connections to the website and keeping them open for as long as the attack lasts.

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